jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Some prizes for me

Hi again =D

As the title rightly says, I have 4 prizes awarded, courtesy of Things to Know (http://cosasdesabe.blogspot.com). Well, is time (really, is time, I don't know how long ago I received those prizes XD) (I'm a mess ¬¬"), I will teach you, and I'll do the little things and guidelines as appropriate.

Let’s see:

These are the lonely awards (I mean, do not come with rules or anything), and the last does have guidelines. Let's see:

And the guidelines are: tell 7 things about oneself. To me, I do these things very bad, but hey, let's try and see what comes out XD

1.- I'm not very high, but I'm not short. I love my height! = D

2.- I've always been the "little fat"of the family, because my 3 brothers are are so thin XD

3.- I love chocolate in all its forms (or almost). I have always keep in the pantry, even if I won't eat every day, but there must be always available P =

4.- All I know makeup (which is very, very little), I learned thanks to blogs and YouTubes gurus (mention to Fresissui and Arroín80, that they were the first I met, and I have a special appreciation to them = P).

5.- I love to try things and samples, and investigate, but from the comfort of my home = D

6.- I'm a member of Oriflame (big news, eh? XD) recently, and I am enchanted to life = 3

7.- I am girl super happy and optimistic , but if I give my pessimistic mode, flee if you can XD

Well, it seems that I have not done so badly XD

Now I'm going to give it to .... I don't know how many people I must give XD So to all of you (I want you'll tell me when you have done, okay? XD).

And I can only say: thank you for this award (I'm so fool that I don't even know your name...). It has made me really happy to receive them, and forgive it took so long, but I had found no time = S

And everyone, thank you very much for being there, and read to, and comment. We are already 61 and I don't believe it = O


Many kisses ^ ^

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