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Marathon hauls (Chapter 2)

Hello again =)

Let's see the Chapter 2 of hauls =D

It's from October 23, 2010:

Here's the first picture ^^

I still don't know why the colours don't see well (blues and purples don't look good. Is it normal? =S)

Anyway, one to one =)

1.- Black Eyeliner (Deliplus): The truth is that at first I loved it. As you can see, the tip is very thin, and paint very well and very accurately. The thing is that now I don't know if is because I've stopped using for a while or what, but the tip doesn't look like before, I have to use from the middle, it looks as if it had dried a little. Cost (or at least I paid) 2 €.

2.- Eyeliner Pen (Essence): I like it =) Has the tip thicker than the previous one, so I cann't do an outline as finite, or at least not easily. Looks pretty good. I like to use it in a not very elaborate look, like journal =) It cost me 2,99€.

3.- Liquid Eyeliner Carbon Black Mania (Essence): is intensely black, and its duration is good. What I don't like about this eyeliner is the tip: rigid, almost running out of product right away, and well, I'm not convinced. The product itself is good, but I don't like the applicator. It cost me 2,99€.

4.- Crystal Eyeliner (Essence) is pretty good, I like a lot (I love these "special" things ^^). The only thing that not convinces me it seems as if it were only the glitter, black doesn't see much, unless you put more product, and then I can see black. But I like: if I want to be noticed, applied again, and if not, only one pass, and you have a glitter and a discreet and nice black ^ ^ It cost me 2,99€ (everything from Essence is 2,99€ ? XD).

For you to see how are the eyeliner, here's one picture ^ ^:

As you can see, the Essence Mania Black eyeliner is more intense, and if you have time and a steady hand (which I have sometimes yes and sometimes not), you can get an thin line. Once I got it =D

5.- Forget it! 3in1 Corrector (Essence): they are very creamy (I have not tried others, but I think these are pretty good ^^), and although I have not tried a lot (I premiered the pink for swaches (or as they say XD)) I like it ^^ It cost 2,99€ (how strange, right? XD).

The swaches ^^

(They look good, right? =S)

6.- Shadow Duo collection Denim Wanted! 02 My Boyfriend's Jeans (Essence): I assure you that is purple, or whatever, but I can't make it look good on camera =S As in some previous case, I haven't used, only swached, but was when I met the mark, and was the first collection that I caught, and I brought it =) I am still looking forward to a good time to use it, and learn how to makeup to give a good first use XD It cost 2,99€


7.- Shadow Duo collection Denim Wanted! 01 Forever Mine (Essence): for the same case as above, but I love black, I love it! Same price for all this: 2,99€ XD

And now, all together! =D

And finally:

8.- Shadow Quartet 07 Party Animal (Essence): is a quartet of shadows, I saw them on sale and I liked XD I do not know when I'm going to use the yellow, but I like ^ ^ And it cost 1€ =)

And swaches!

Pigments not a lot, but for some eye-catching colors I think it's better.

Well then, here ends the second chapter of marathon hauls XD

This has been rather crappy, not very well explained and such, but I hope you like it, and if it is usefull for you, better ^^

I will come back!

Kisses ^^

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