domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

Marathon hauls (Chapter 1)

Well, I’m back, to start with the hauls and reviews that I have since some days ago (a lot of days) in order to begin to go up.

Do we start?

October 21, 2010:

I think I spoke about this purchase, but of course, was like: “I bought this, this and this, but I haven’t used it yet.” Well, I haven’t used all, but almost (excluding cleansing milk, everything). So, one after one ^^

1.- Extra gentle kids shampoo: I love it. I bought it for cleaning brushes, and I love its smells. The truth, as I’m still a novice in all this, I took the shampoo without seeing if I liked the smell or anything, but my friend tells me: “How does it smell that?” And I was like: “No idea” XD As to if it cleans: yes, it really clean well, and leaves me very soft and clean brushes, but hey, I think like any other baby shampoo, right? The price was 1,65€.

2.- Cleansing Disks: it like any other, right? Nor am I an expert on this, nor have I tried many, but for now, I like it. If at any time I want to, then I'll prove others, but for now I'll stay with these. There 100 and his price is 0,75€.

3.- Cleansing milk: as I said, I have not tried this, I've been with a treatment for the face, and for that, I didn't makeup so much, and I didn't put in my face anything other than the treatment. But now I have changed of treatment, and is basically a cleaner, a moisturizer in the morning, and a gel for pimples at night. So, well, it's like an ordinary facial routine, so I will dedicate myself to spend all my products that I only have a half. It cost 1,00€.

4.- Cleaner eye makeup: I don't know, is not so bad, but it could be better. But it stings a little in the eyes. It costs 1,70€.

5.- Lip Repair: I love it. I prove it once when I had my lips very bad, and the dermatologist tell me that use one of the pharmacy that cost € 8, and yes, it repaired, but was a bit expensive. Well, I saw this, and I took it to prove it. And while not a wonder (from this that you say, 'I have lips so bad, I'll put this in my lips during the night and tomorrow, perfect), I like, really. I am one of those that always has to have something on the lips, ever, and at home I have ever or this, or Neutrogena Instant Repair Balm or something. It costs 2,60€.

6.- Eye Brushes: me The truth is that I like them a lot. They were the first brushes I had, and truth, are fine for the price they have, I'm not complaining at all. But I bought a blanket of brushes in Maquillalia (I'll talk about it in other moment XD),so I started using them, and I use those three some little . But there are times I've seen in the absence of brushes, and because I didn't remember I had these (yes, I know I'm a mess), I made a very basic make-up, or I didn't do anything = S Prices: 3,75€, 4,21€ and 3,31€.

As you see, all this is from Mercadona (Deliplús).

Would also make the review / haul from October 23, but I think it will be a little long, so I leave this for tomorrow, or next week (and I'll try everything to consciousness in week, there are still things I have not try).

In short, this is all I bought that day, and I think that I've left nothing to say. I hope you like this and serves as something XD If you want more to know, let me know =)

Kisses ^ ^

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