martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

My first order to Oriflame.

This is the point: some days ago, I became member VIP from Oriflame, and, using this, I made my first order, and I wanna show you what I bought.

I only bought two things, but one of them was the “welcome kit”, and there was many samples, that I’m going to show you.

Lets see the pictures =P

That was the package (as you see, not much). Obviously, it came with his paper to protect. There's the welcome kit (bag gray), cream gel (the green bin), and a hand cream (which smells great, and is absorbed quickly = P).

Well, then: the catalog, invoice, a folder to show me how to be a member and others, and an envelope with another catalog, and more information = P

Here you can see the bag. The truth is that although I have not used it yet, it looks super usefull.

And from here, which came in the bag (I mean, the kit):

(There are a lot of samples, right?)

And this is a vanity to organize everything = P

It's super cool. I have everything organized inside, and then you can lay hands quickly on what you want = P

The kit is coming with a lot of samples. I'll have for a long time XD But I'm going to try the samples with consciousness, then, things I can, I'll have to give details (obviously, creams and more that you should try at least a week to see if it is effective and has only a dose, I doubt I can give a very thorough review).

Well, this is my first order. As I said, relatively little (I only bought for two things, one of them have so many samples is something else XD). I'll tell you what I think of them when I prove it.

Kisses ^ ^

PD. I know, my english is very bad. Sorry! ^^”

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