domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Marathon hauls (Chapter 3)

Well I'm here again, ready to show you the next purchase from the list XD

So, start ^^

October 25, 2010:

1.- Shadow Quartet Metallics Collection (Essence) 03 Copper Rulez: I love it. I'm in love with This quartet. Basically it's the first thing I used since I started to make up (you see that I have little time on it XD), and I have used it a lot. I served both for something normal as for something more elaborate. Anyway, I like XD With a primer endure all day, but the eyeliner is going soon. It cost 3,99€.

2.- Shadow Quartet Metallics Collection (Essence) 01 Nothing Else Metals: more or less as before, but I have not used it almost (is that I love the tones, and I don't want spend it XD). And equal cost, 3,99€.

3 and 4.- Shadow Cream Metal Glam (Essence) 03 Dressed Up (purple) and 04 Glam It Up (Green): I saw them on offer, and I had to buy them, but I have not used them until this weekend XD I used the purple, and I loved it, but I only used this shadow and no shadow powder, and I think that's why it moved from the stationary eyelid (do not know if I explain, I hope you understand XD). Cost me 0,99€.

5.- Kajal Pencil 2 in 1 (Essence) 01 Black & White: I bought it basically because I wanted a white pencil to watterline, but didn't know if I liked how I would be white, and so could use the black if I didn't like the white, and not to waste an entire pencil. In the end, I have not tried yet, and I've only used to illuminate the tear, but well XD It cost 2,99€.

6.- Eyeliner Metal Glam (Essence) 03 Pretty Cool: I can only say I love the color, is precious. Although he has not tried it yet, at some swache (or whatever) I seen that when the metallic sheen goes, the color remains. And it cost me 0,99€.

7.- Jumbo Metallics Collection (Essence) 01 Metal Battle: as in many cases I like the color, but I couldn't talk about anything else because I haven't used it (is a review so bad, isn't it? XD). It cost 2,29€.

Here are the swaches of eyeliners: white, black,jumbo, and metallic eyeliner.

8.- Gel eyeliner brush Metallics Collection (Essence): As before, I have not tried, but I saw that the quartet had eyeliner gel, and then I had no eyeliner brush, and I took advantage and bought it. As I bought some brushes before you start using it, since I have not gotten to try it. The time will come XD It cost 1,49€.

And that's all.

The post was made ​​a little quite long, and I'm losing so much time XD So I hope you have enjoyed and used for something.

One last question: do you think I put too many photos? I want to show everything, but maybe I show so many details.

Anyway, here's the post today. The next week more ^^

Kisses ^^

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  1. De la metallics solo tengo algun eyeliner y las sombras en crema, pero las paletitas son preciosas. Yo no creo que sean demasiadas fotos, a mi me gusta verlas! BESOS!