domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Oriflame Lipsticks Powershine Deluxe

I have returned! =D Let's see how long I'll be here, until I return exams and works --.--"

But while I'm here, let's take advantage of.

I really wanted to speak of these lipsticks, because I love them.

The line is Powershine, and these are a special gold edition for Christmas (I think they are from last year, but hey, that permanent Powershine edition are very similar, if you like, you can get, not the same, but similar. Well , I come not like: "Haha, look what I have and you don't" XD).

They have adjustable coverage. With a single pass is a little transparent, but if you want more color, just give it another pass, and is much more intense. I love the smell, I could not describe it, but I love it ^ ^ And notice, if you do not really like the highlights, this lipstick is not for you.

And let's see the photos, don't you think? = D

First, the packaging (so pretty * O *)

The five together ^ ^

From left to right: Golden Beige, Golden Pink, Golden Red, Golden Clover and Golden Plum (the truth is that the names have been worked XD).

And one by one ^^

Golden Pink:

 Golden Red:

Golden Plum:

(Pictures cheat a lot, this is much more intense. If you want, I will post other photos later).

Golden Clover:

Golden Beige:

 I have to say that the photos do not have many passes, if any, would be much more intense, except that my camera does what he wants when he wants, so  =S

Would you have liked? I love them ^ ^

Well, I'll back again with a recent buy, do you want? =D

Kisses (o^3^o)

PD. I've post a lot of pictures, but a little bird told me that you like a lot, so XD

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