sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011


Yes, I know, is to hit me: I say that I will come, and I take a month ... If I'm special, that's for sure XD

Well, here I am. I'm getting used to the idea of ​​returning back to the routine of studying (I have my time, so don't say that is too late already xD) and I am trying to create me a good routine, combining studies, sport, leisure , blog (of course), and other things you can think of, so connect it all takes time.

Well, let's what we want.

The truth is I've been thinking this whole month to do an entry, because I have not made ​​many purchases (at least recently, or interesting XD, recently I bought some lipsticks, but I want to show them in a review of all my lipsticks, would you want?), nor have I finish enough products (well, until I remembered a few pictures that had saved, now I could do a review of it xD), or I know, but well xD

So it occurred to me to make a special kind of looks entry (basically, I've made ​​these days that I could not think what to do XD), and then I'll see XD

In short, these are the looks:

1st look: for day? XD

Come on, for day was the idea for the eyes, but then I wanted to prove how I look with a red lipstick, and this was XD I'm not saying that can not be used during the day, eh? just that I don't see myself with a lipstick so strong, at least not for now XD (although I really like how I look with it =P).

2 º look: fantasy =P
I really wanted to make a fantasy look, and I still have, because this is rather weak, as an aperitif XD

3rd look: tired:

And never better, because it came a day bored at home, I caught shadows and make-up and I began, and this came out XD

And to finish this strange post, I leave you with the manicure of the week = P

I painted my nails on Monday and I took the photo on Friday, after washing dishes all week and more, so I think the enamel has held up quite well, a little peeling on some edge, but that's it.

And that's all for now ^^

Let's see when I return, I expect as much next week, but in the weekend starts the bridge, so do not know if I'll pass, but I hope so ^^

And nothing more. Thank you very much for reading and keep going. I appreciate that, really =3

Kisses (o^3^o)

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  1. Hola guapa, tienes un bello espacio,
    si te gusta la poesía te invito a mi nuevo espacio Brisa poética,
    feliz fin de semana.
    un abrazo.